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BBT-2000 Bed Bug Treatment

All-Natural Oil Based, Non-Toxic, Child and Pet Friendly Bed Bug Killing Spray

Bio-Based Bed Bug Treatment (BBT) BBT-2000, the “DDT for bed bugs,” is designed to kill bed bugs but will also rid of other insects.

BBT-2000 kills bed bugs, eggs, and larvae. This product is especially useful for bed bug management because it is much less toxic than pyrethroids and is much more effective when applied as direct spray. Because bed bugs are increasingly common in the U.S. and are very difficult to control, Swepe-Tite’s Bed Bug Treatment will play an important role in bed bug income property management programs in homes, dorms, hospitals, theaters, apartments, cruise ships, planes, etc.

Test data available upon request. 100% EPA exempt ingredients.

CLICK HERE for the Safety Data Sheet.

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